SCRC Local Development District (LDD) Capacity Building Program

The Southeast Crescent Regional Commission (SCRC) receives annual appropriations from Congress to invest in economic and infrastructure development projects that reduce the effects of poverty, unemployment and outmigration.  SCRC is committed to supporting job creation, building communities and improving the lives of those who reside in its 428 counties and county equivalents. To accomplish this, it is essential to build an effective working relationship with local development districts (LDDs), also known as Councils of Government, Regional Planning and Development Commissions, Economic or Area Development Districts.

In an effort to assist LDDS with regional administration and planning efforts, SCRC has committed $2M to the LDD Capacity Building Program. A core component of this program requires LDDs to work with the SCRC state program manager in the state where the organization is located.  The SCRC will enter into a cooperative agreement with participating LDDs to perform the following activities:

  1. operate as a lead organization serving multicounty areas in the region at the local level;
  2. assist the Commission in carrying out outreach activities for local governments, community development groups, the business community, and the public; 
  3. serve as a liaison between State and local governments, nonprofit organizations (including community-based groups and educational institutions), the business community, and citizens; and
  4. assist the individuals and entities described in paragraph (3) in identifying, assessing, and facilitating projects and programs to promote the economic development of the region. 

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